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Stress Busters

Stress can do funny things…

It’s 4am and I’m awake…AGAIN! Yes, for the second day in a row. My eye is twitching, my lower back is tweaked(again) and I got pretty angry at my daughter last night (we kissed and made up).

These are telltale signs for me that I am stressed.

Yet, yesterday when I colleague asked how I was handling this last big week before the big night, I shrugged and smiled. Then I said, “Everything is great!” Truly, I meant it. Hard work and preparation and everything is progressing as scheduled.

So why is my body lashing out at me?

We all carry our stress in different ways. Some express it in forms of road rage or yelling at the kids. Some are resilient enough to process it quickly, but others carry inside and ignore it…

I do the latter…obviously. Why else would my body be revolting against me? There is a grave danger in this.

So what should I do about it?

Exercise intensely

Meditate often

Eat clean

Connect with others

Here’s hoping to sleeping tomorrow until 6am…

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