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Stealing Back 5 Minutes...

About a year ago, I had a really good habit of meditating each morning. While the kids ate breakfast, I would grab a blanket and head out to our screened porch. After getting cozy under my blanket, I would set my alarm for 5 minutes, close my eyes, and tune into the breath. The crisp autumn air and the quite before the sunrise were a calming backdrop.

Then spring came, and the sunrise got earlier and earlier. My husband and kids started to catch onto my routine. They started joining me on the porch! And not to meditate... By the time summer rolled around, everyone was there in the morning and there was nothing meditative about it!

“Sorry, no talking on the meditation porch…”

“Umm, don’t wake the neighbors with your screaming….”

“Would you like to meditate with Mama?”

All my questions fell on deaf years and that marked the end of my great mediation habit.

Fall is back now and I have noticed that everyone is back inside too….

Don’t tell them, but tomorrow, I am going to steal back my 5 minutes on the porch in the dark with the brisk autumn air.

Let’s hope my husband doesn’t read this post!

What habit do you want to re-engage with?

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